As a real estate investor, you are always looking for creative ways to increase your business. And to find an affordable process that also provides a proven result is even better. The technology behind ringless voicemail has made reaching perspective clients easier than ever if you are willing to invest a little bit of your time in creating a great message and managing your expectations.

First, you need to understand that the message that you are leaving in people’s voicemail box needs to be concise, professional and it needs to motivate the listener to call you. A ringless voicemail campaign is not going to sell properties or land great flips in your lap, but it is going to get you in contact with motivated buyers, sellers, and investors. But it is your message that will turn these people from listeners to active participants when they choose to call you back.

Your message needs to include your name and contact information, a brief explanation of your purpose for the call, and a simple process for the listener to follow to get in touch with a real person. Once you have the potential client on the phone and talking to a real person at your office, well that is when the magic happens. But the first trick is to craft the message that will earn some action and effort on the part of the ringless voicemail recipient.

In a lot of cases, a listener will focus for about 15 seconds before losing interest, so get to your point and the reason that you are the best qualified very early in your message. You also want to drop a few keywords that everyone loves to hear, such as “special offer”, “reduced fees” or even all-cash”. These are the bargain words that everyone likes to hear and will want to call and learn more about.

Understanding that ringless voicemail messages only about growing your pool of potential customers is critical to your level of satisfaction with this form of marketing. You will still need to have an awesome staff who is ready to provide all of the personal TLC that new clients want, but you will not need an entire call center full of people who are rounding up these new leads.

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