Ringless voicemail messages are a great way to reach more customers and increase your revenue. But before you jump into the process, you need to understand what will make your campaign the most successful. Most people will not answer a call from an unknown number but they will quickly listen to the voicemail message that is left. What you need to learn to do is craft a message that will grab the listeners attention and motivate them to act on your message.

It is critical that you quickly tell the listener who you are and why you called. If you don’t, they are likely to hang up in about five seconds or less. You also want the listener to know that you have great information that you want to share with them that will benefit them. Everyone will listen when they think they will benefit from the message.

As you are creating your script for the message, you will also want to be thinking about the best time to send the message and when you want the entire campaign to begin. Be certain that you are ready for a lot of return calls and that you can handle them without ignoring the potential new customers who are interested in your offer.

Ringless voicemail is a technology that will save you time and money when you are working to expand your real estate investing career. Making a single call to a potential customer takes about two minutes if you are sent to voicemail and could be longer if the person answers, even if he or she is not interested. That limits you to leaving about 30 messages per hour and under 250 for a typical eight hour work day. But this technology can leave hundreds of messages at one time. All you need is a great message and the service to send the messages.

Once you have developed a great message and have an agreement in place for the technology, you will be ready to begin to reap the rewards of this process. Now your time will be focused on working with clients rather than chasing potential clients. You can also use this feature to continue to communicate with existing clients to add value to the relationship and to keep your name in their minds for another real estate deal that they might be interested in. Using ringless voicemail technology will require a little time to launch but the ROI will be far greater than you might ever imagine.

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