If you are having trouble reaching prospective clients and your contact ratio is below 22% then you should consider taking advantage of ringless voicemail technology to increase your results. This system takes your prerecorded message to prospective clients and drops it into their voicemail box without ever connecting to their phone. The message is delivered via server to server contact, without ever disturbing the recipient. And the conversion results for this type of contact speaks very well for the concept.

When you look at the success of different means of contacting people, the numbers vary greatly. An SMS or text message has an 87% response rate while a live call is about 54%. Voice broadcasting is coming in at 39% while an email gets only a 23% response. But the most astonishing result is that 96% of people check their voicemail regularly. That is a really high number and a much better starting point than the sub 50% for other automated contacts.

The process is very simple on your part as the sender of the message. You are basically creating the same scripted message that you would distribute to your live callers. But once you have edited and tweaked it until you are satisfied, you simply record the message and set the broadcast time. Then the dialer does all of the work for you and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a fleet of callers or paying a call center to make the calls for you. The voicemail is inserted into as many voicemail boxes as you selected and no one was disturbed, distracted while driving or awoken from a nap.

If the recipient is interested in your offer or additional information from you, he or she can return the call. And you have the knowledge that each person you are talking to is at least mildly interested in your offer. In addition, by scheduling the dialer, you can estimate when the return calls will begin and schedule your staff accordingly to answer incoming calls.

As a business owner, it is also important to know that this is a very legitimate means of contacting clients and potential clients. Ringless voicemail is TCPA, FCC, and CRTC compliant when used in a responsible manner, even though it is not regulated at this point.

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