Ringless voicemail is a new technology that allows you to send prerecorded voice messages right to your client’s voicemail box. The key is that this message does not cause their phone to ring. It’s a great marketing tool that saves you time and saves your client time and a possible interruption. There are a lot of benefits that you might not have thought of but should consider.

The facts are clear. Ninety percent of Americans own a phone, but only 25% pick up calls from unknown numbers. So chances are your marketing calls are going to go unanswered regardless of how you make them. The average person will check their phone and or voicemail up to 85 times each day, but only 12% will take a call that is not scheduled or from a number that is not on their priority list of callers. Ringless voicemail allows you to get your message directly into your client’s mailbox without interrupting what they are doing and making your message more an annoyance than a positive bit of information.

Without a schedule call, many people state that they will not answer simply because they do not know what the call is about and could be unprepared to answer specific questions. But a message lest via a ringless voicemail allows your client to hear your message and gather thoughts and information before returning your call. This is a great way to show your clients you care about their time and are willing to wait to actually speak to them when they feel the timing is best.

Nothing is worse than calling a client with a great tip or piece of information only to hear a groggy voice answer the phone. Clearly, you woke up your client or even worse they are sick and just trying to relax and get some rest to recover. Even though you know this is not the time to discuss business, you have interrupted their sleep and must try to begin the conversation. But you know the client is only thinking about getting back to sleep. It wastes your time and annoys your client. Ringless voicemail will eliminate these awkward calls completely.

These automated calls to ringless voicemail will save you a huge amount of time. If each call you make requires two minutes, then you can talk to less than 30 people per hour. But an automated message can reach hundreds or even thousands with only the investment of a few minutes of your time. This is a great tool not only for the time savings that it offers you, but also the curiously it provides to your clients.

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