Ringless voicemail is a new technology that allows businesses to harness the capability of their computer network and phone system, also called a unified communication network, to communicate with clients, potential clients, and other large groups via a prerecorded message. This is not actually a call that is being made, rather a message that is being delivered directly to a voicemail box. The phone never rings and there is absolutely no chance that you are going to interrupt or annoy a potential client or a current client.

As you might have guessed, most people have a phone and in many cases that is a cell phone that they carry all of the time. But there are many times when taking a call is not appropriate or even possible. But ringless voicemail will avoid that awkward moment when a person is fishing for his or her phone if only to try to silence it. In addition, studies find that only about 25% of all calls are answered. Most people will screen the call by looking at the number. If it is a family member or friend, they will answer, but most unknown numbers are sent to voicemail.

Another benefit of ringless voicemail is the money that you will be saving by using this method of cold calling and contact for customer service messages. Think about the time that is involved in making cold calls. Someone is spending hours or days making those calls and at best, they are only speaking to about 25% of the recipients. And of those, the average maybe only 10% are interested in what you have to say, such as a real estate opportunity. So for every 1000 calls made, only 250 will reach an actual person. And of those 250, only 25 at most will be interested in your offer. So to learn what these 1000 calls from a real person are costing you, think about the time it takes to make one call. To be very generous, figure one minute per call. That means 1000 minutes or 16.67 hours. And as a great boss, you are paying someone $10 an hour to make these cold calls. So you just spent $167. And to be honest, a more reasonable number of interested potential clients would be around 3% to 5%, so more like 7-12 interested people, not 25. But thousands of ringless voice messages can be prescheduled and delivered in a single minute. All you need to do is implement the technology.

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