Ringless voicemail is a new technology that allows you to leave a message into a cellphone voicemail box without the phone ever ringing. This feature alone is a huge benefit as many cellphone owners hate to be interrupted during their busy day. But another benefit is that this system can deliver a huge number of recorded messages without the need for someone to place the calls and invest the time only to leave a message.

Because you know that you will only be leaving a message, you need to be certain that the message is compelling. Grabbing the listeners attention and then a clear call to action are going to be critical in getting the callbacks that you are looking for. You want the listener to know who you are and why you are calling very quickly so that they don’t just delete the message in five seconds and never hear what you have to tell them.

You also want to keep the full message to about 30 seconds. Any longer and you will lose momentum and the listener’s attention. Write your script and practice it so that it sounds natural and conversational. Also, speak clearly and at a normal speed. Never talk too fast to be clearly understood even to get in an extra sentence or two. Also, make sure that you clearly tell the listener how to contact you for further information or assistance. If the message that you are leaving is to provide information rather than to solicit a callback, still include your contact number for any questions.

To add to the professionalism of your message, be sure to use high-quality recording software for your message. This will ensure the best results for the time that you are investing. And carefully consider when you are scheduling the messages. Even though the phone will not ring, the recipient will quickly get an alert that there is a voicemail waiting. Sending these messages when the recipient will be able to listen to then such as in the evening or near lunchtime can help to elicit a faster and better response. If the message is sent mid-morning then it could be forgotten before the person has time to listen to it and act on it.

Using ringless voicemail messages is a great way to maximize the reach of your marketing and to allow you to invest your valuable time in clients who are really in the market for a real estate deal.

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