The purpose of a ringless voicemail message from your real estate investment company is to get a call back from the recipient. In some cases, this is a cold call and you don’t even know the person, but in others, you are continuing your business relationship and need a response. But not all voicemails will get the desired response. Some will not even get to complete your message before the listener hangs up. To avoid that unfortunate event, you need to learn to leave messages that will create urgency and drive the listener to comply with your call to action. The following are a few tips to increase your callbacks.

  • Creating curiosity is a great way to get a callback. You can leave just a teaser of information, and most people will call just to learn the rest of the story. Messages such as: Hello, this is Joe Smith and I have some great news to share with you. Please return my call at …These types of calls have been found to have a 40% higher callback result than most other voicemail messages.
  • You can also mention an issue that the listener is having and that you are calling to offer a solution to their issue. Don’t give any hints, instead make them call you to get the information. Something about seeing that their property has been on the market for over 90 days, but you have an option for them to get it sold almost immediately will certainly get a callback.
  • A serious and professional call from the headquarters of a business is likely to get more attention than a call from Joe. Make your business look successful and important to get the listener to call back quickly.
  • Leave your full name so that the listener will know that you are professional and serious. It can also help to avoid a mistaken identity with someone that the listener does not want to call back.
  • Never try to sell anything on your message. Let that wait until you are speaking in person.
  • Make sure to emphasize why the listener will benefit from calling you back. This can be an all-cash offer on their home, or a low fee listing or that you have sold five homes in the neighborhood in the last month. Make sure the listener knows what you have to offer.
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