Ringless voicemail is a feature that works with cellphones in the United States and Canada. And the greatest benefit of this technology is the fact that 96% of all cellphone messages are listened to by the recipient. This is a far better connection rage than any other type of communication or media available to market your real estate investment business and the cost is incredibly affordable.

One of the easiest ways to begin using ringless voicemail is to implement a cold call message to send out to hundreds or thousands of qualified cellphone owners in your desired location. Many real estate investors have found that this simple first step can improve responses results by as much as 80%. A prerecorded message is delivered directly to the phone owner’s voicemail box without interrupting his or her day and allows the recipients to listen to your message at any time that is best for him or her. Not only does this take the rushed feeling away from a call during the day, but you know that your message will have the listener’s full attention. That in itself is a valuable benefit.

A ringless voicemail message is a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to potential clients, provide these people with valuable information about yourself, your company and the services that you can provide for them and also information about the real estate industry. And all of this information is delivered to numerous cellphone owners just by the push of a button. You just record your message and then schedule the time that you would like to have the message delivered. The timing of your message can be very critical to scheduling your staff to be well prepared to begin receiving callbacks from all of your new clients or those who are interested in learning more about your business.

It is also worth noting that ringless voicemail is 100% FTC/TCPA compliant as the message bypasses the recipient’s cell phone and is sent directly to the server of the mobile provider. In the case of most of the service providers who offer this featured service, SPAM messages are not permitted and you are only charged for the messages that are successfully delivered to a voicemail box.

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