Ringless voicemail is a tool which allows you to deliver a recorded message directly to a cell phone mailbox. It was designed to offer a reliable means of conveying a message without the annoyance of interrupting the recipient. The messages are sent through an automated direct voicemail broadcasting system called direct to voicemail technology.

The call never alerts the recipient when it is inbound, it only provides a notification that there is a voicemail message waiting. This allows the recipient to decide when he or she wishes to hear the message. Research has found that this ability is greatly appreciated and will often produce a much higher rate of callbacks than calls that were ignored and manually sent to voicemail by the owner of the phone.

There are two ways for this process to work. The first involves two simultaneous calls to the same number. One call goes to voicemail, while the other is disconnected. However, this is not a foolproof system and there can be a missed call message some of the time. The most professional way to deposit a call directly into voicemail is to call a number provided by the carrier to gain access just to voicemail. Ringless Voicemail Drop is a server to server method of communication which allows the direct insertion of voicemail messages into voicemail boxes without disturbing your clients.

What makes this system work for real estate investors is the ability to reach a huge number of potential clients with almost no investment of your time. Prerecorded messages can be sent out by the thousands, and all you need to do is schedule the time and record the message. You can canvass for homeowners who are in financial trouble and want to sell their home quickly, or you can let thousands of renter know that you have a house for sale in their neighborhood. The options are almost unlimited, and the best part is that you only invest your time in conversations with potential clients who take the time to return your call. Having this resource will allow you to eliminate busy work and cold calls, while you focus on clients who are ready and willing to make a deal. This will also free up your staff and interns to add value to the relationships that you are building with your current clients rather than chasing your next wave of clients.

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