Ringless voicemail is a technology that allows you to send a prerecorded voice message without the device, normally a phone, ringing. From a technical side, the process is actually communication between two serves rather than what you would think of as communication through two phones. In this case, the server in your network is communicating with the service on the recipient’s cell phone service to deliver the message directly to the person’s voicemail box. These types of messages have a variety of applications and can be delivered even when the recipient’s phone is turned off or is out of the range of his or her network.

From your perspective, the process is much less complex than making hundreds or thousands of calls to potential clients when looking for new business or when you are trying to provide a massive group of existing clients with a certain message. All you need to do is create a prerecorded message, and then the computer network does the rest. You can select the time that you would like the “call” to be placed so you do have some control over when your recipients will get the voicemail. This can be helpful if you want people to get your message first thing in the morning, but you never know what time they wake up, but chances are they check voicemail almost immediately. You can also deliver the message in the late afternoon which would mean that most people who are interested would return your call in the afternoon or early evening. This allows you to plan and staff your phones accordingly.

Marketing specialists have completed several studies and learned that the return on investment when using ringless voicemail is far higher than when using live people to make calls. In addition, most of the recipients like the idea of not being interrupted and having the ability to listen to a message rather than speak to a live person. It leaves the person feeling empowered to act on the offer that they received or not act, without having the challenge of saying no to a live person.

The concept of ringless voicemail has been around for over a decade, and the application was added to mobile networks in 2013. In that time, many businesses have found this technology to be a huge help in discovering new clients and remaining in contact with current clients.

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