Ringless voicemail is a great way for businesses to communicate with clients or potential clients in an efficient manner. Not only are you saving the time of making hundreds of individual calls but you are also eliminating the chance of interrupting and annoying your clients. This system is great to send out mass notifications and alerts, generate callbacks and maintain contact with your client base.

The first question that many businesses pose regarding ringless voicemail is the legality and regulation of this new technology. This feature is fully TCPA compliant and legal according to FTC legal specialists. Knowing this, many government organizations and non-profits have elected to use ringless voicemail for their communication. One critical application for ringless voicemail could be its use during an Amber Alert. This would provide more information on the lost subject and could include the best emergency number to call if anyone has information about the child or the situation. This is also a great way to promote fundraising projects. Donors could call to make a donation or even visit a web address that you include in the message to make the process of donating as easy as possible.

In the B2B world, there are numerous applications that are perfect for ringless voicemail such as:

  • B2B marketing and lead generation
  • Generating inbound lead calls to call center agents
  • Providing product updates and shipping notifications
  • Customer service calls
  • Notifications of servicing needs
  • Appointment confirmations and appointment setting
  • Communicating and logistics with professionals and contractors out in the field

Ringless voicemail is also the perfect tool for real estate investors who are working to grow a client base. Your personal message can be left for limitless numbers of potential clients without tying up your time. You can have a series of messages that make offers to purchase depressed homes, offer listings of your properties for sale or even offer tips on prepping a home or property for sale. The options are unlimited and can greatly increase your ability to connect with new clients. Ringless voicemail is also a great way to add value to your relationship with current clients.

The average person clearly does not appreciate being interrupted during a busy day to hear a sales solicitation. But you can be assured of having the average person’s full attention when he or she listens to your ringless voicemail message at a time that is convenient for him or her.

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