Ringless voicemail is a new technology that allows businesses to be more productive while also eliminating the potential for annoying clients with solicitation calls. No one wants to be interrupted multiple times a day with sales calls or even tips about what could actually be a great deal. Instead, most people would be much happier to be able to listen to a voicemail with the great tips and the time of their choosing. Ringless voicemail allows you to give your client or potential client whatever message that you would like to convey without interrupting their busy day.

Ringless voicemail is doing far more than just replacing the annoying call centers which are trolling for new clients. This technology is being used in some very large industries to increase productivity and broaden the reach of both advertising and information distribution. These industries include:

Investment companies

  • Real estate companies
  • Event promoters
  • Marketing and sales solutions
  • Auto dealers
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Cable providers
  • PR agencies

Within each of these industries, businesses are able to customize the function of this technology to better serve their customers and increase their customer base. Some of the uses include:

Outbound marketing campaigns

  • For follow up and lead generation
  • For new announcements
  • Sending reminders
  • Generating live inbound calls
  • For offering special deals, and offers
  • Top marketing technique for convincing users
  • Run ongoing customer services and loyalty programs

There are many benefits that this new technology offers both businesses and their clients. The factor that makes it the most popular with clients is the courtesy it provides. Not everyone has the time to answer calls during their busy work schedule. But to be able to listen to a comprehensive voicemail on his or her own schedule is very appealing to busy professionals. The benefits to the business who use this technology are broad and important to the bottom line. A single recorded message can be sent to literally thousands of cell phones in a matter of seconds.

No longer is one employee or even dozens of employees tied to phones for hours at a time making the same calls over and over again. And an added benefit is that people are more likely to listen to the full message and actually act on it when they are not interrupted. Ringless voicemail has been found to have a higher rate of returned calls than a traditional call that is sent to voicemail. Using this technology in your real estate investing career is certain to increase your productivity and revenue.

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